When Did YOU Join The Mighty Blue Army?

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We asked on Facebook when people joined the all mighty Blue Army. Here is what some of the fans said:

Lucy Claypole:

‘October 15th 1991 when I was 15. My friend Jay took me along with him to the Wolves game and I was addicted from then! Cheers Jay! 25 years this year’

Anthony Sharman:

‘First game 1966, lost to Man City 1-0 in the Facup replay, didn’t go regularly till 1967/68, celebrating 50 years, with a league title!’

Judith Moore:

‘I used to go with my Dad to Filbert Street early 70’s always been a foxes fan . I’ve still got the shirt can’t get in it now tho lol’

Stuart Dowell:

‘hmm sometime in the early 70`s, can remember a night match against liverpool, kevin keegan was playing, and he scored, think wallington was in goal.’

Daniel Caulton:

‘I was 22 years old back then, won the premier league it was a grand old day for us Leicester fans’

Lynette Fuller:

‘I went to my 1st match in 1966 against West Ham ! true Fox for 50yrs & I love Leicester. LTID ! My football keeps my going !’

Martin Loach:

‘In 2006 when we beat crystal palace 2-0 was stood in the family stand’

Beverly Hopkins:

‘I was 14 went with my sister stood in the Kop, remember the players Jackie sinclaire was playing, best times were in the 70’s with Keith weller, Lenny Glover on the wing, Frank Worthington, Graham cross good days.’

Darrel Bettinson:

‘Been supporting them since 1985, was the 85-86 season. Went to last game of season, pretty sure it was Newcastle we was playing against can remember us winning but can’t remember the score lol been a fox with blue blood ever since’

Richard Wood:

‘First went to city 1960s my first game was against Stoke the year after Stan Mathews went back to stoke from Blackpool in those days Blackpool were a top team’

Eileen Moorcroft:

‘1947 aged12. My Dad took me one Saturday and I was hooked for life. We stood in Hellfire Corner every home match and sometimes it was so cold I had to look down to see if I still had feet but oh the memories! Arthur Rowley and Keith Weller were my all-time favourites but last season was the best ever. Now aged 81 I’m an ‘armchair’ supporter these days but have never lost my love of Leeicester City.’

Elliot Millis:

‘2006, i remember my first game we won 3-2 to Sunderland. i remember. Ian Hume getting 2.and Stearman getting 1. turned out to be a disappointing season, but it was love at first sight for me’

Rich Coyle:

’19 Sept 1962 home to Burnley weds night. Exactly 50 years later 19 Sept 2012 weds night, city home to Burnley! Week Sat 17 Sept city home to Burnley.’

Robin Humphries:

‘January 1970 as growing baby in my mothers belly, nan and mum stopped my dad taking me until I was 6, lost 0-4 to Liverpool but I was hooked , maybe because of pre birth experience !!’

Ian Clarke:

‘1970-71 season was my first game.my grandad was the groundsman then and my nan used to wash the kit..LTID.’

Jim Gough:

‘As long as i can remember my entire family has supported leicester. Except my uncle who supports forrest for some unknown reason.’

Costa Georgiou:

‘Suppose around 1985 cus I don’t think I knew bout football when I was first born.’

Sarah Eaton:

‘I was 9 yrs old when I starting supporting lcfc I have loved every minute of it’

Birju Mehta:

‘Early 80s. There was a Bejam on Melton road and Jock Wallace came along to open it. Got a signed plastic ball and I was made up for life.’

David Taylor:

‘First match I went to was 22nd September 1956 versus Notts County we won 6-3 and Arthur Rowley scored an hat trick.’

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