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Should we KEEP Slimani or should we SELL Slimani ? It’s a pretty straight forward question. Slimani to return “home”?
Rumours that if Sporting Lisbon sell their current striker Bas Dost this summer they want Slim to come back home to them. What do you think ? Could next season be when we see the “real Slim shady ?”

Well our Twitter Polls gave us these interesting results

Would you sell Slimani this summer ?

Here are the Leicester City fans views, which are pretty mixed as you will read….

Callum Biggles Smith
“7 goals last season from 23 games. From a striker who was injured for a lot of the time is not a bad return. Deserves a chance this lad.”

Scott Richardson
“A bit of decent service and he’ll come good. He was injured for the best part of the season and he came into a shockingly under performing team where the first eleven was getting chopped and changed every week.”

Simon Gudgeon
“If we can draw £29 million back we should be snatching someone’s hand off, at lightening speed …
I would grab £20 million cause I just don’t see him doing it, but could be wrong.
With Mahrez gone, he’s like a duck out of water.Wenger, you can have the pair for £79 million what do you say ???
Please … ??”

Nigel Shier
“We don’t know what’s in Shakeys mind. The club won’t lose money but if the right offer came in i think they would take it. We havn’t seen the real Slim. He came with an injury and never shook it off. I personally hope he stays as He gives us a different option up front”

Greg Topliss
“Would be happy to let him go for a cut price. It’s no good having players at the club who perhaps might not want to be here in a few months time.”

Steve Bonser
“I would like to give him another chance to show what he can do, but if we get the chance to get our money back then i´d take it!”

Scott Davies
“He’s got goals in him if we play to his strengths. We need a plan be away from the pace of Vardy, but if Iheanacho comes, Slim is a bench plan B. Can’t see him accepting that as Leo didn’t.”

Geoffrey Stephenson
“If we sell we could end up paying silly money for someone else African nations cup didn’t help. No pre season with the team and if ulljoa goes as well we have no target man. Nothing to say buying inachio from city going to be any better”

Chris Hallam
“Keep him. I saw an improvement when fit at the end of the season. Give him another 6 months and I am sure he will bang the goals in”

Steven ‘Casper’ Sadler
“He’s a target man like Ulloa his main threat is to hold up the ball and pass to vards. It would be nice if he could add a few more goals but lets give him the chance.”

Tim Sutcliffe
“Akinbiyi was folklore awful signing for £5 million. £29 million for Slimani is the worst business we’ve done. I’ll pay the excess baggage at EMA for him”

Alex Munro
“Keep. Love the lad. Brilliant attitude and an absolute bull. Best goals to minutes ratio out of the whole squad last season.”

Dave Moulds
“Bit like fairy lights we bought for the Christmas tree from Wilko….. looked ok but not what we really wanted..”

Albert Milne
“Too injury prone! If we can get kelechi from Man City we should sell Slimani!”

Matt Cherry
“It took Vardy a season or so to come good, so maybe Slimani deserves the coming season to show what he can really do.”


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