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Come on, this guy finally got us back to the Promised land, after 10 long LONG years in exile… Rome as they say wasn’t built in a day, and neither is establishing yourself as a Premier League side. Our opinion. for what it is worth, is that Leicester City this season, so far have NOT been given a drubbing, and we have competed in every game. A mix of bad luck, at times sloppy defending and missed chances at the other end, simply shows that we need to improve a bit.

At the Liverpool game, a couple of Leicester Fans gave the Gaffer a real mouth full…. did he really deserve that folks ?

Afterward – Leicester boss Nigel Pearson says fans can ‘stay at home’ … although we heard what he actually said was a little more “blunt”

He went on to say to the BBC :

“I had a spat with a fan towards the end,” Pearson, 51, said.

“If they cannot see the players are having a proper go maybe they need to stay at home.”

Pearson, who led Leicester to the Championship title last season, added his players were giving their all.

“I will always look for the positives,” he said. “It is very easy for people to look at what we are not good at.

“I don’t like the commitment of my players being questioned. If they honestly think they are not committed, they are very wrong. Maybe that is why I stay in the stand.”

This guy has worked hard, damn hard… so give him the chance to sort it out, we don’t agree with some of his tactics – like not using all his subs when you are 2-1 down with only 10 men, but he IS the man in charge.

As our very own Alan Young says

“I ask ALL Leicester fans to stay together, back the lads, back the manager and shout encouragement from the sides”

So our final thoughts…. simply, GIVE PEARSON YOUR SUPPORT !!!

Well for now at least eh!

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