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Many fans thought that was a pretty painful match to bear, is your glass half full and are we a win at Swansea from 11th in the table, or is it half empty and we are sat in the bottom 3 with an assistant coach struggling to manage a global football club ? The result from a 1-1 home draw was a mixed response from fans.

Leicester were unable to end their home hoodoo against West Brom after a 1-1 draw at the King Power Stadium.

The West Midlands side are now unbeaten in eight visits to the venue, winning five, and it always looked like a record they would extend after Nacer Chadli gave them the lead with a superb 30-yard free kick, which seemed to leave Kasper looking the wrong way.

Mahrez pulled it back despite the fans lack of support for the player it seems due to his lethargic appearance on the pitch.

Is it DOOM and GLOOM or are we one win from a different world ? We asked the Leicester City fans THEIR views from the stands…

Here are some Leicester FANS comments…

Stew Pennykid  “Winning the League was a perfect storm, simple as that, will never happen again. We are a mid-table team at best and the signings we have made don’t improve us. Not in a 442 anyway. Silva signing, I have no idea but it’s a complicated window and it was 14 seconds…Right now Shakey needs to change the system and yes the jury is out on him but were there positives? Yes could we have lost the game? Yes could we have won the game? Yes Gray is on the bench because he is not consistent enough and too greedy. He needs to mix his play up, great talent but Mahrez is better. Chilwell should be playing and we should be playing Wing backs. Now, Mahrez, our gem, our door unlocker, our playmaker. Not our Albrighton mark II. Sick to death of the slagging off he gets every week. He is not the all round hard working player everyone seems to want and yes at times he is frustrating. But again tonight he was our most likely yet even when he scored the comments were laced with bitterness and even hatred. This is one of our stars and Premier League winners. All is not well at Leicester City and it guts me but I am sick of negative comments fuelled by negative posts and questions for almost 12 months now. Would like to see a change of perspective and fans getting behind the team but I fear those days are gone…”

Daniel Fox “Going to be contentious here but for the love of God I can’t believe people are actually wanting Pearson back. We missed an opportunity in the summer to get Shaun Dyche in my opinion. He would be ideal for us.”

David Sheehan “Thought we were the better team and deserved a win. I think folk are getting carried away that we NEED a win and we are a better team than we are. I’m happy with the way we played, and it was an exciting game. Much better than last season’s shite”

Aaron Aherne “I wouldn’t say it was dreadful! It’s difficult to break an eight man defence down!, we don’t seem to ever play to our strengths!. Slimani should be the target man up front and the pacey players playing off him! The goal proved that tonight! Vardy should be playing deeper with his pace as it’s to easy for teams to sit back and not give him room behind! Iborra has a solid game, he wasn’t bought for his pace, it’s a shame Silva can’t play because they will link up well in January and beyond!. Grey should have replaced Albrighton instead of Chilwell even though he had a good impact after coming on! Shakey and Appleton really need to sit down and look at the players strengths and fit them into a system which works for them!”

Jean Rees “I am still a supporter of LCFC and no doubt so are you so stop moaning and get behind the lads who are feeling nothing is going their way despite their efforts. You live in Leicester so who are you going to support if not Leicester? Even uf there were amother team – I would still support my lads because I have done so for over 40 years now through thick and thin. They delivered in season 2015/16 and not many other clubs can say that about their team AND did they deliver – it was thrilling and sensational !! I only want that from our boys and I am not interested in another team so LETS GET BEHIND THE LADS and will them on and no moaning – through thick and thin !!”

Sam Rennocks “I don’t think you can fault the players. They look hungry and up for it. Shakespeare looks lost. Can’t he see that 442 isn’t working and hasn’t really been working for a long time now. Iheanacho isn’t a forward that you want dropping deep. Neither is Slimani. Some variant of 352 with possibly mahrez in the number 10 role to link up the midfield would be ideal, but nah, let’s just keep playing 442 and having nowhere to go but wide when we have possession in the middle”

Steve J Hunt “Shocker game that left me drained and gutted….vardy was hustled out the game after the defenders switched…no response to that from shakey until the subs…..up front there was no real punch….we didnt take advantage of a clearly injured keeper…..just not with it….lots of play but didnt do that much with it…”

John Flude “Got the starting 11 somewhere near right for me.
Fuchs didnt have the best of games and Morgan takes that long on the ball even I know where its going (thankfully not back to Schmichael today) Iborra looked good on a positive note.
We deffo look better when we try and keep the ball on the floor though……… !!”

Lee Pegg “Rubbish to much passing then the ball going backwards , lack that spark , poor up front Iborra looked way out of it , clubs moving backwards Don’t think shakey can take the club forward”

CLICK HERE to read the match report from ESPN

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