We are Fuming ! Drinkwater NOT in starting England Team

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Sam old England. Same old faces. New Manager but… same old same old, blah blah blah….

What can you say, Drinkwater not in the starting team. Vardy NOT in the starting team.

Henderson IN

Kane IN

Rooney IN

Watch 100%LCFC Editor Phil Holloway have his say on the starting 11 for England, and COMMENT your views to us…

Here are some of the views from Leicester City fans…

Terry Payne
“Obviously Craig Shakespeare’s opinion doesn’t count unless he’s being ignored.On a positive if they don’t play they can’t get injured.”

Ash Armstrong
“Let’s wait and see what happens. Qualifying for the World Cup is a long process with a lot of travelling, and is every bit as much of a squad-based challenge as the Prem or domestic cup competitions. No need to jump to any quick judgements before the first game under Allerdyce has even been played!”

Robert Smith
“Very disappointed; I thought Big Sam would be different but obviously not. Same old, same old.”

Paul Matthews
“Some of the comments on here defy belief, we are all gutted drinky and vards ain’t got the nod, for me they should both be in! But these conspiracy theory’s of the fa picking the team and questioning if Shakespeare is being ignored (I have more faith that this guy wouldn’t be part of a regime like that), then there’s the club over country crap, If u love football u love both your teams end of story, let’s put aside the disappointment of our two lads not playing and judge Sam in the only place it matters, on the pitch!”

Ryan Beattie
“That’s good news for Leicester.”

Ian Phillips
“I cannot believe that Henderson & Kane have been picked ahead of Danny Drinkwater & Vardy. (( Shakes head ))”

Stephen Olney
“If they don’t play at least they won’t get injured. Sam isn’t watching the same league as the rest of us”

Wayne Henton
“Because he doesn’t play for manure, arse or spurs”

Phil Sykes
“I’ve pretty much lost interest in England a long time ago. Wake me up when we beat a decent team in the knockout stages of a major tournament. Until then – you’re right, it’s a mess – but I don’t expect much of anything to change. Mildly surprised that Allardyce didn’t change more but there we go.”

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