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One of the GREAT moments of Leicester City’s history, and one we remember fondly. We take a look down memory lane today, and relive the last 20 seconds of the 1996 play off semi final at Wembley.

Around 40,000 of the Blue Army flooded down the M1 in Cars, Buses, trains and mini buses… in fact it felt like the whole of Leicester was once again down in London. The pubs were packed and another super tense play off final to the promised land was nervously enjoyed by both supporters.

But as the game entered the last moments and a penalty shoot out, Martin O’Neil or as he is called by many GOD, made a strange substitution. He brought “Spider” Kalac on in goal for City, to hopefully help us win the shoot out.

We remember watching shocked from the stands, questioning what was O’Neil doing, but while debating that the ball dropped to Super Stevie Claridge and he famously SHINNED it from the edge of the area into the Palace net. Now we kid you not, and if you were there you will know what we mean, but the ball hit the net and Wembley was silent. Time stood still for what felt like minutes. The normal celebrations seemed to be non existent, and fans looked at each other. But was felt like minutes, but was probably a split second the Blue and White end exploded into some of the most frantic and manic celebrations. We remember jumping and leaping with friends, family and many many fans we have no idea who they were. But for the following moments we were a sea of jumping brothers and sisters. We had just witnessed one of the great, yes GREAT moments of Leicester City’s history.

1996, almost 20 years ago now, but watch the video clip and relive it, or perhaps for the new younger Blue Army you can watch it for the first time. For the younger fans, watch how Steve Walsh celebrates with Martin O’Neil. The team back then was one family, a team… much like Nigel Pearson has forged for us now.

Here are some of YOUR FAN memories…

Rob Seaton
“Still gives me goosebumps whenever I see replays or even think of that moment. Absolute rapture.”

Amanda Ingamells
“Behind the goal second row with my mum”

Steve Gibson
“It was like slow motion,there was seconds of silence in the crowd,thinking as this just really happened…then the roar”

Adam Lambert
“Front row with my dad inbetween centre circle and penalty box! Seats had no backs”

Jayne Forster
“Yep my hero and I was only 11!  SUPER SUPER STEVE….and the song goes on!! Love it!!”

Giuseppe Palmiero
“AHH OLD Wembley”

Jason Harriman
“Yes I was there, fell over 3 rows of chairs celebrating. Was a fantastic day & a moment I’ll never forget!”

Adam Lambert
“Front row with my dad inbetween centre circle and penalty box! Seats had no backs”

Zoe Lawrence

“1st season i started supporting Leicester and we reach the playoff finals. the atmosphere was amazing, i remember Kevin Poole being subbed and Kalac coming on, ready for pens then suddenly super Stevie Claridge scores, the buzz, goosebumps, tears. i was only 10 years old and now i take my 6 year old son and the 1st season i take him we win promotion to the prem ”

Enjoy, and let us know your comments and we will share YOUR fans memories.


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