Nigel Pearson Quality Interview

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Classic Nigel… “Is your head in the sand ? Are you an Ostrich. Can you do that. Can you bend over and get your head in the sand ?”

Nigel Pearson ” You are either very silly or stupid, which one is it ?”

Brilliant ! Well Worth a watch #ostrich


WE asked the City fans what they thought to Nigel’s latest classic post match chat…. here is what some of YOU thought…..

Peter John Orr
Watched it twice, talking in a calm voice is hardly a rant, especially to a fecking stupid question. Clearly the reporter has either had nothing to do with the club all season or hasn’t a clue as to what as gone on all season. Much of the criticism of not only himself but some of the players have been extremely unfair.

Stephen Ball
These reporters try’ing to become famous at a managers expense sad really folks, But its how the media works these days far too intrusive in my eyes, #inNigelwetrust #LTID

Matthew Cooper
Spot on Pearson

Kim Stanton
Fair play to Nigel Pearson he can’t do right from wrong! Always criticized and yet we’ve just won four games on the trot and lost to a world class team! I still have faith it was never meant to be an easy ride!
If your going to insult Nigel and ask a silly question and expect to be called an ostrich!
Ian Moore
If he continues to give us seasons like last and this then I can live with his melt downs every few months. He can look after himself…. NP legend.
Andy Sibson
If we stay up or go down… I am 100% sure that this moron will not be our manager next season. Enough is enough

Danny Coole
The reporter asked him what was his response to the criticism the players have received this season

Ashley Oswin
Still looks bad on the club he is a.bit of a headmaster….. Part of his job is to deal with the press afterall

Darryl Elliott
I dont know why people are slagging him off do
You not thing he is sick of all the stupid questions reporters ask and how many managers actually walk out of press conferences im glad he laid into a reporter there a bunch of morons anyway

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