Fans Verdict on Troy Deeney

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So the rumours are Leicester City are bidding £20m for Troy Deeney…. A player who we tried to sign last summer, but apparently turned us down… so we wanted to know what the Blue Army thought to the Deeney transfer rumours.

Our 100%LCFC online Poll on Twitter was not in favour of us buying the Watford star striker. To date we have had over 1100 votes, and 36% of people WANT us to buy Troy but that leaves a majority of 64% not wanting to buy him.

And the fans views and comments are roughly saying the same in our 100%LCFC Facebook post…

100%LCFC – Scott Davies
“Personally I think he’d be right up our street. Would compliment Vardy and do the dirty work to allow Vardy space and would pop up with a goal or two. As much as I like the idea of Iheanacho, something is niggling me with the fact it’s dragging on and you have to ask why? £20m is a bit steep, but that’s the market. Iborra, club captain, Deeney, club captain. We want a team of leaders.”

Philip Cooke
“Those like me who were not convinced about Shakespeare’s appointment will be even more convinced that he was the wrong appointment if this move comes off.A 29 yr old Spaniard and now Deeney who is passed his sell by date does not convince me we’re heading in the right direction at all.i hope these rumours are wrong and we go back to aiming for younger players like the Man City lad.Times are worrying.”

Matthew Fox
“People saying we should pay 7 m more and buy Ihaenacho needs to know that the deal for him with Man city will be a tough one as they want a buy back clause so even if we pay 27m and he plays a good 2 seasons man City can come back and buy him back and we won’t have a say init….”

Dean King
“Why are we reading all about forwards?? We need to strengthen the defence a lot more and also midfield, Vardy and the others had far less chances created last year, and we conceded way too many, and they were not down to Kasper, who is top!”

Dave Moulds
“Ten goals in 40 games last season. Last 4 years has seen a decline in his goal scoring… surely not worth 20+ mill for a 29 year old.
Happy days for Watford if city pay.
Thought we would buy youth…….”

Ross Millar
“not a good buy. Poor quality striker, spend the extra £5m and get ihaenacho”

Alex Joyce
“Don’t be cheap shakey! Save it for Gylfi! Troy’s too old and too expensive and the author of one of our darkest moments! Leave him.”

Jason Smith
“Most likely a shot across man City’s boughs re leaching.
I’d sign him for 10 m and the bench but no more. Prefer Siggurdson, Ienachio and Gibson. That would be a proper statement of intent.”

Dave Edwards
“If we go down this road we’re going nowhere, no disrespect to the player. We won the premier league, why are we not talking the club to the next level”

Damon Mason
“I think it’s a bad choice we don’t need another striker also he’s not that good we need a new midfielder and a new left wing when marhez leaves”

Sam James
“STOP IT!!!! What’s the obsession with him?! Just don’t get it!”

Shane Smith
“Don’t make too many judgements because come May 2018 we might all eat some serious portions of humble pie. I hope”

Kenny Gentile
“He never came last time for 30m why would he come now he would bring nothing to the team havnt we learnt nothing from last season”

Paul Manson
“I’d have him I think he is superb and represents great value at that sort of price”

Dean King
“not now, no, last season may have worked, instead of Musa or Slimani, but not now, with no Europe”

David Croucher
“Leicester were never go to buy 50 million pounds players they would not come so they have to buy players who Will fit in with Leicester plans so have Faith and see how they fit in”

Janet Miller
“Is that the best we can do suggest we get some better recruitment on board”

Andrew Thomas
“Mckenna Waste of Money, I’d put a bid in for Son from Tottenham”



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