Far Flung Foxes

Watching Leicester City As A Far Flung Fox

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By James Harlow... Many of us make the journeys to go home and away week in week out to see the mighty foxes. Come rain, sun, sleet or snow our travelling faithful is always there in full voice and song. However, for some of our worldwide foxes these journeys are impossible, but what do these worldwide foxes do on a Saturday when it is match day. We follow a day in the life of one of foxes Corinne Carranza.... Corrine’s first game was against Oxford in May 1991, like most foxes due to family she has hooked and followed them…

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Calling all Foxes around the world... we WANT YOU !! Now Far Flung could mean Skegvegas, or Las Vegas, Southend on Sea or Sydney Australia... you all count as FFF !! Jamie from Alcudia who runs the Foxes Arms Bar, is one of our FIRST as we call the Far Flung Foxes... and we want MORE and MORE of you to video message us, or join us LIVE for a chat on the official 100%LCFC SKYPE line... Don Cole is a super fan all the way from USA... USA... USA.... and started following Leicester when we were in the Championship.…

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SNOW FUN – Over 80 Leicester City Snowmen Built

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Over 80 Leicester City Snowmen Built... oh and 1 Sandman in Australia ! Leicester City are joint TOP of the Premier League, and we all enjoyed it with a Snow Day on Sunday... so we asked the Leicester City Fans "Shall we build a Snowman?" And as usual they did not let us down !! We have had loads of photos of snowmen dressed up as Leicester City fans, so many we thought we would make a quick video which you can watch below !! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE THEM ALL !! [youtube_advanced url="https://youtu.be/eyfwncI_lp8" width="600" height="400" responsive="yes" controls="yes"…

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City Chat – Every Child Has A Right To Play

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Araf Mohammed has just done something quite brilliant !  He has been taking Leicester City kit and equipment around the world to where it can simply help bring a smile to a child's face... What a guy !!! 100%LCFC Editor Phil Holloway asked Araf all about his project and Araf told us "Leicester City Football Club just got a whole load of new fans in #Kolkata #India and here is just a few of them, thanks #LCFC for your support of donations of tshirts and footballs to the #HopeFoundation and bringing smiles to these kids. Every Child has a right to…

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FARFLUNGFOXES – Thai Foxes Cheer City On

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A picture tells a thousand words, so the saying goes, so that means we don't have to write them ! All the way over in Thailand the Foxes are being cheered on by our growing fanbase, and who would have thought this would be true a few years ago ! The bar in Bangkok exploded when Vardy scored and made it 2-2 !! And that means that YOUNGY has chosen the whole of Thailand as this weeks #FarFlungFoxes !! We can't send a t shirt to them all, but we know you would enjoy this picture ! Are YOU are…

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VIDEO – #FarFLUNGfox of the Week

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Leicester City are supported from around the world, and those City fans in exile we like to call our #FarFLUNGfoxes... This week we have had loads of #FFF tweet and contact us and it was as ever a hard choice to select one, but a certain #FFF made it all the way from Canada to the King Power... now that is what we call a Super FFF !!! Watch the video with Youngy and Phil to see WHO is this weeks #FarFLUNGfox of the week !

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