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Shakey to Start Talks With Owners – Fans Views

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Our FAN poll shows that around 35% of Leicester fans are sure that SHAKEY is the man to take us forward, but that leaves a lot of fans either undecieded or thinking he is NOT the man.30% said NO he was NOT the right man, and 35% of fans are just not sure.... in our OWNERS we trust ! They have NOT let us down in the past and have been brilliant in making the right decisions .... Well, we hear that Shakey is to open talks with the owners, he is meeting them we hear at the Monaco Grand…

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COMPETITION – Play at the King Power for FREE !

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Here is the deal, Play With a Legend [PWAL], are running an event at the King Power, it looks flipping brilliant ! You get the chance to play on the holy turf, and even better you get to play with some Leicester City legends.... Good Right !? Well, it get's even better. The lads over at PWAL want us to help promote the match to help them fill up the last few spots, so we said yes, no problems, it will be a great night, the Leicester Fans would love to see if they can pretend to be Vardy having…

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Gray Linked to Liverpool for £12m !!

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Most Leicester fans really like the look of Demari Gray. We havent seen enough of him... yet ! So rumours today again that Liverpool are interested in him for what we would think is a stupdily low price of £12m.... really that is it ! After all we got £12m for Schluppy... it just seems too low, and we don't want to sell him ! We want to see MORE of Gray, not see him leave the club. His opportunities have been limited somewhat, due to us winning the Title last season, and perhaps over persistance with some of our…

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TRANSFER GOSSIP – £20m Interest for Gibson

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So the season is under 24 hours finished and as predicted it is going to be a very VERY busy transfer window we think for Leicester City. There are multiple rumours around, but one we hear which does sound promising is that Leicester are interested in Boro's Ben Gibson. Gibbo as we would no doubt call him, is 24, has been at Boro since their Academy but broke into the first team in 2013. He has made various England team performances most recently at U21 level. He is highly rated and with Boro being relegated, and a young english up…

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Fans GUTTED for Wasa Sad Ending

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Well, if you were at the match, Wasa's FINAL match yesterday, you would have seen the guy, a BIG BIG fans favourite, take himself up the side of the pitch around the 78th Minute, to warm himself up, for what we were all expecting was going to be an emotional last 10 minutes on the pitch, so He and WE could all see one final flurry of Gladiator style play. The crowd were chanting his name, and we were all starting to see a WASA header to win us the game. Well the 83rd minute passed, as did the 84th....…

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Good Season ? Bad Season ?

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We think in the end it was a good season, perhaps after the amazing previous season it felt a little damper, but add in the brilliant fun and games we all enjoyed in the Champions League on our Dilly Dong European Tour, we feel it will be a season that is fondly remembered. But not for the League matches, and the end of season defeats to Man City, Spurs and then a pretty average 1-1 draw with Bourmouth, most fans will be pleased to escape the season without a worse position than 12th in the League.... if we are honest,…

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